Approximate Distances and Driving Times

  • Port McNeill to the Mount Cain turn off is approximately 77km; about 50 min on Island Hwy 19 by vehicle
  • Nanaimo to the Mount Cain turn off is approximately 270km; about 2 hours 45 min. on Inland Hwy 19 by vehicle
  • Campbell River to Mount Cain turn off is approximately 121km, about 1 hour 15min. on Hwy 19 by vehicle
  • Sayward to the Mt. Cain turn off is approximately 55km; about 30 minutes by vehicle
  • From the Highway 19 turnoff to the Mt Cain parking lot is 16km on a gravel road; about 30 minutes by vehicle

When travelling from the south

  • DO NOT use your phone for instructions, Google Maps, iMaps, etc. will have to turn off the highway too soon.
  • The Highway 19 sign saying "Woss 14 km" is 6 km south of the Mount Cain turnoff.
  • The small blue sign, "Mt. Cain Ski Area", is about 200 meters south of the turnoff.
  • Mount Cain’s unpaved access road is on the left side of Hwy 19 as you are heading up island toward Woss.

When travelling from the north

The Mt. Cain turn-off is about 50 min south of Port McNeill and about 5 minutes (8 km or 5 miles) south of the Woss turn-off. Look for the blue Schoen Lake Provincial Park and Mount Cain. Turn-off highway signs on your right. Now you're on the access road, follow the signs to Mount Cain.

Before driving to Cain

For Mount Cain road updates the local weather report, check our Snow Report.


You must have chains that fit your vehicle, chains that you know how to use, chains that you intend to use!

Chains may be required for going both up and down the access road. Vehicles without chains will be denied access. Make sure your chains are the right size for your vehicle and are in good repair. Actually putting tire-chains ON is often REQUIRED FOR ALL VEHICLES, including 4x4’s with good snow tires. Unprepared drivers put other drivers and their passengers at risk.

Bring a shovel

You may need to dig your car out.