Are you ready for the weekend?
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Are you ready for the weekend?

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Are you ready for the weekend?

Are you ready for the weekend?

The lower T-Bar ran continuously for 4 hours on Sunday! Thank you Dave Steele, Dean Davidson, James Thomas, Andrew Lee, and everyone else who worked late nights, early mornings, and long days to get this baby working. You guys are our heroes! (I understand they all drink beer, just sayin’).

So this weekend we will hopefully have an operational lower T-Bar again, a 172cm base with a bit more new snow coming, a forecast of -7°, and if the crowd is anything like last weekend, a full parking lot and long lineups. But at Cain we do not complain, we make the best of every situation. So in keeping with that spirit, we have prepared a list of the top 10 things you need to do to make this a fun filled weekend.

1. There are still gremlins in the new drivetrain of the lower T-Bar. We hope that we have eliminated most of them but they could rear their ugly heads and cause some delays. Please pack your skins and be ready to hike to L2 just in case.

2. It will be cold and the lineups will be long so make sure you pack your thickest long underwear, warmest gloves, and a good pair of socks. A thermos of warm tea might take the edge off too. Thank goodness we all have to wear masks that keep our faces warm.

3. The ticket booth will be open on Friday evening from 7-9pm so consider purchasing your tickets and membership on Friday night to minimize the lineup on Saturday morning, which starts at 8:30.

4. You can warm up with a delicious meal from Turk’s Tavern but you can only sit at a table with your bubble and if the Lodge is busy you can only stay for 20 minutes. In other words, enjoy the Lodge when you can but also be prepared to spend more time outside.

5. If you decide to forgo the T Bar line in the morning and want to skin up you MUST skin up outside the boundary line on the Ridge Run (or on the east side but that is more challenging). If you have a lift ticket already and want to skin up before the lifts open at 9:30 you MUST wait outside the boundary line until the lifts are loading. We cannot have any skiers or boarders on the hill before it opens at 9:30.

6. If you choose to skin up you MUST have a pass in order to ski or board down one of our lovely well groomed runs that are lightly dusted with heavenly powder. No pass, no inbounds powder.

7. Research conducted by the Ski Shop crew indicates that a new Cain hoodie or T-shirt can help keep you warm when standing in a long line so we highly recommend doing a bit of physically distanced shopping - for health reasons of course.

8. Wear a mask. Wear a mask. Wear a mask.

9. Enjoy a beer by the fire but wear a mask in between sips, especially if you cannot maintain a safe distance.

10. Anyone caught drinking and then driving will be provided with a police escort off the mountain and while a man or woman in uniform can be quite becoming, we do not think a police escort will look good on you.

We are about one third of the way through the season. There have been a few hiccups but for the most part, everyone has rolled with the punches that have come with the pandemic and we are grateful for your willingness to go with the flow and follow the rules. There is nothing normal about living through a pandemic but then again, there is nothing normal about life at Cain.

See you on the slopes and in the lineup,


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