Rental Cabins and Hostel Policies

Minimum Age

You must be 19 years of age to book accommodations with Mount Cain.

Mount Cain Cancellation Policy

  • If guests give more than 30 days notice in cancelling a booking, MCAPS will refund accommodations payment. Membership fees are non-refundable.
  • If guests give less than 30 days notice in cancelling a booking, but 14 days or more, MCAPS will refund 50% of the payment.
  • NO refunds within 14 days of stay.
  • If the ski hill is closed due to unsafe weather or COVID related government guidelines, MCAPS will cancel all accommodation bookings for the night preceding the closure and refund 100% of the accommodations payment.
  • In event that Mount Cain is open and the ski lifts are not operating, accommodation patrons will be given the option of a full refund for nights that they choose not to stay.


After 3 pm, Please do not arrive before 3 pm on Friday's as we need time to clear the road and parking lot. 

Check Out

Before 1 pm.


Mount Cain facilities are pet-free zones. Pets may not be inside any MCAPS building (rental cabin, lodge, etc.). As well, dogs must be on a leash AT ALL TIMES. Please respect our rental accommodations, and fellow ski hill patrons, by strictly adhering to these guidelines. Guests not adhering to guidelines will be denied future rental opportunities, and charged a $50 cleaning fee.


Fires are not allowed in or near any MCAPS buildings. No smoking, no candles and no outdoor fires.


The Cain Café in the lodge is liquor-licensed. Alcohol consumed in the café must be purchased from the café; private alcohol is not permitted. Private alcohol is permitted in the hostels and rental cabins only.

Lodge Quiet Time

11:00 p.m. is hostel quiet time and lodge closing time. PLEASE RESPECT THE SLEEP NEEDS OF ALL LODGE RESIDENTS.

Loss or Damage

Guests are responsible for the replacement or repair cost of loss or damage to MCAPS rental accommodations structure or contents.


For overnight snow clearing, all vehicles must park on the ski-lift side of the parking lot. To conserve space, park vehicles close together. Keep cabin road entrances and lower ski-lift access ramp clear of all vehicles.

MCAPS Membership

MCAPS membership is required for ALL MCAPS rentals (cabin or hostel). Membership is valid until the end of the upcoming annual general meeting. Membership fees are non-refundable.

Membership Fees

  • Individual: $20.00 (1 AGM vote).
  • Family: $35.00 (2 AGM votes).
  • See links in the sidebar to purchase your memberships.

Guests not adhering to the above policies will be denied future rental opportunities and/or lift privileges.