MCAPS Rental Cabins and Hostel


Rate Per Night (plus taxes)

  • Cypress and Blueberry Cabins: $350 per night, sleeps 10
  • Day Lodge Hostel (group accommodation this season): $300 per night, sleeps 10
  • Kapitany Suite: $400 per night, sleeps 10 – 12, self-contained suite
  • MCAPS accommodations are available only on the nights preceding the ski lifts' days of operation. Please contact us for special functions.

Accommodation Reservations

Email reservations for groups will begin at 6pm on Monday, November 16th, 2020.

Weekly Deadline or Accommodation Requests

Accommodation requests are received until 6 pm Thursday for each upcoming weekend. After 6 pm Thursday, accommodation inquiries are not received until Saturday morning at the ticket booth.

To be placed on a wait-list for accommodations, email:

Rental Cabin Information

Equipped for 10 people per cabin: 1 double mattress in the downstairs private bedroom, and a common loft upstairs with foam mattresses: (1 queen mattress and 6 single mattresses).

As you enter the parking lot, rental cabins are on the right. The name is on the front of each cabin. Your designated cabin should be unlocked. Check-in is not required.


  • Propane lighting, propane stove and oven, propane fireplace heating (please do not touch the fragile and expensive mantels in the propane lights.),
  • a low flush toilet supplied by a small water tank and two water containers full upon your arrival.


  • electricity,
  • wood fireplaces,
  • flashlights,
  • running water (cabins are supplied with water jugs for your stay. If more water is required guests can refill in the water room at the Cain Lodge),
  • bedding, blankets, sheets, towels, pillows,
  • pots, pans, dishes or cutlery (do to Covid-19, please bring all your own personal effects).

Cain Lodge Upstairs Information


  • Nine rooms, 8 with 2 single mattresses and one with a double mattress.
  • One common sitting room, kitchen and dining table.
  • Gas range, refrigerator, small kitchen counter, and a small microwave.
  • Electricity.
  • Cloth-covered foam mattresses.


  • Pillows or pillowcases; bed sheets, linens or blankets
  • Pots, pans, dishes, cups, and cutlery
  • Running water. Guests must carry water from the "Water room" in the lodge basement.
  • Washrooms - Two composting toilets with sinks and cold running water are in a separate building right next door to the lodge.
  • A maid (kitchen clean up is shared by all hostel guests).
  • Each hostel room has the privacy of a door but the door does not lock from the inside.


  • In the Café on the main floor, a large wood stove heats the entire lodge. Hostel guests are welcome to stoke the fire using wood stored under the front porch.
  • Enter the hostel by the main doors in the lodge then turn left and up the stairs.
  • Designated room numbers are posted in the stairwell leading to the third floor.

Kapitany Lodge Suite

Equipped for 12 people with 3 sets of twin over twin bunks in one bedroom and 2 sets of twin over double bunks in the other bedroom. Kapitany Lodge Suite is located within Kapitany Lodge on the left side of the parking lot. You want to park in front of it. There will be pylons set up with a line between them to keep you out of the danger zone for snow coming off the roof. Your entrance is on the far end of the building and opens directly into the suite. There is a covered area where you can stage your stuff before you enter so as not to track snow in.

KAPITANY SUITE DOES HAVE: Electricity, two bathrooms with a flush toilet, sink with hot and cold running water, kitchen, boot drying rack, living room and dining area.

KAPITANY SUITE DOES NOT HAVE: bedding, blankets, bath towels, pillows, refrigerator (there is an area just outside the door to store coolers), Pots, Pans, dishes, cups, and cutlery.

Getting to Mount Cain

Click here to find out how to get to Mount Cain.

Before Driving to Cain

For Mount Cain road updates the local weather report, check our Snow Report.


For snow clearing purposes, overnight vehicles must park ONLY on the uphill side (the ski-lift side) of the parking lot. DO NOT PARK OVERNIGHT ON THE PARKING LOT’S LOWER SIDE. Make space by parking vehicles close together. Do not park in front of the entrances to the cabin roads or in front of the lower lift access ramp.

Sharing the Work

Mount Cain is a volunteer-driven ski hill. Please share in the work to ensure Mount Cain’s ongoing community spirit and success as a North Island recreation destination. Feel free to shovel snow from stairs, walkways or the lodge deck, help park cars, take out the trash, and/or bring in firewood, etc.

Cain Cafe

The Cain Café offers breakfast and lunch on days when the ski lifts are operating. Visa and MasterCard accepted.

Please note that groceries are not available at Mount Cain.

Emergency Messages

Emergency email messages can be sent for someone on the hill: In the case of an emergency a phone is available at the Mount Cain Ticket Booth during the ticket booth’s hours of operation (8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Saturday and Sunday), The cost is $5.00 per phone call.

Snowmobiles Policy

Visitors to Mount Cain should know that private snowmobiles are not allowed on Mount Cain Alpine Park Society property, nor in the cabin area. In the cabin area, the only allowed snowmobiles are those owned by cabin-owners and these snowmobiles must have liability insurance through the Snowmobile Association of BC.

Off Hill Accommodations

Rugged Mountain Motel - Located in Woss, a five-minute drive north of the Mt. Cain turn-off on Highway 19, the Rugged Mountain Motel features spacious rooms and comfortable beds. A full-service general store, pub (with great food), and gas station are just steps away. Call (250) 281-2280.

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